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We invite you to meet the staff at the Dive Shop. We cover just about every level and type of scuba certification available, and our backgrounds in life and diving are as diverse as the underwater world. We all share a deep love for diving, the oceans, our planet, and introducing others to the wonderful lifestyle that is Diving.

From Swimming to Snorkeling to Freediving to Scuba at any level, amateur to seasoned explorer, we stand ready to give you the best training, experience, and adventures the world has to offer

There is no doubt you’ll find a friend, and perhaps a mentor, that will help you excel on your adventure on the water planet we call Earth.

Randy Wright
Instructor Certifier
Platinum Pro Diver
Dive Pirate
COO of The Dive Shop, Inc
After some 35 years of diving Randy is truly an “old salt” in the diving industry. His favorite places to dive include Indonesia, Palau, Fiji, the oil rigs off the Louisiana coast, and almost any rock quarry, river or mud hole deep enough to put his face underwater. When he’s not diving, you’ll find him making music, food, or movies with his friends and family. Randy’s wife Marcia frequently accompanies him on dive trips and the two of them make up the Cajun contingent at The Dive Shop.
Lisa Collins
General Manager
Lisa is the star that shines brightest at The Dive Shop. If you need information, need something done, or just could stand a smile and some good conversation, Lisa is the person you are looking for. She always knows where it is, what it is, and what is going on. Lisa and her husband Randy travel frequently to dive with friends and customers. Her favorite places to dive include Roatan, the Phillippines and of course, the NEXT place!
Keith Rochell
Master Instructor
Platinum 1000 Instructor
Keith Rochell is The Dive Shop’s Education Director and head of our service department. Keith also works with the Braden Fire Department’s Public Safety Diving Unit. His dive experience includes the Caribbean as well as the streams and rivers of the Mid-South. Keith includes Truk Lagoon and diving with great white sharks on his diving bucket list and you’ll often find him diving with his best buddy and wife, Lynette. His favorite dive is “the next one!”
Stephen Bramlett
Advanced Open Water Instructor
Steve “Chief” Bramlett is an Advanced Open Water Instructor and heads up the University of Mississippi Scuba Program. He began diving when cylinders were made of wood and snorkels were made of bamboo or as he so eloquently says “a full head of hair ago”. Chief came back to diving as a vocation after a wonderful and rewarding career as a police officer for the City of Oxford, MS. and has traveled the world diving with his favorite dive buddy and daughter, Blair. These days you’ll find him eating, sleeping, and breathing diving at The Dive Shop, Ole Miss or “anywhere there is vis”.
Randy Collins
Advanced Open Water Instructor
Randy, also known as "Mr. Lisa Collins”, is an Advanced Open Water Instructor. He has dived through the best of the lesser Antilles, most of the Gulf of Mexico, and with whale sharks in the Philippines. He’s known for his very simple dive plan of "I'm coming back", and he’s most often quoted after a dive saying " That was awesome, almost as great as my most favorite dive ever!" If you ask about that most favorite dive ever, Randy always breaks into a big smile and says " My next one!".
Chris Cooper
Assistant Instructor
Chris Cooper was originally certified with The Dive Shop in 1974. Chris’ favorite dive spots include Turks and Caicos, Hawaii and where ever the next dive might be. When Chris isn’t rocking a dive you’ll find him at the H. W. Durham Foundation where he is the Program Director or slinging guitar and vocals with the Memphis group, the Delta Nomads.
John Fisher
Divemaster Instructor, DAN instructor and avid technical diver
John also enjoys the amazingly calm world of freediving. When he’s not instructing at The Dive Shop, John practices medicine and participates in research focused on new cures for diseases such as cancer. John is also Gold 500 Diver, which reflects his passion not only for diving but also his love of sharing diving with new students as they too come to love the sport. One of John's many favorite dive sites is the island of Saba, just a few miles off the coast of St. Martin.
Ken Harkleroad
Open Water Instructor
Ken learned to dive in the days of disco, polyester shirts, and stacked heel shoes. He came back to diving in the late 1990’s after spending a bunch of time doing silly things like work and stuff. His favorite dive spots include Cozumel and Roatan and he can usually be found diving with his lovely wife Debra. Ken lives and breathes by the 80/80/80 rule. Just ask him!
John Lynn
John is currently working on his Assistant Instructor rating and you’ll find him helping out around the pool and on open water weekends. His ready smile and helpful hands are always appreciated. John’s diving has centered mostly around the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Keys and North Carolina.
Don Malcom
Assistant Instructor
Don wanted to dive ever since he saw the first episode of "Sea Hunt", and no, it wasn't a rerun. It took a while. Don was certified in 2007 and has been diving ever since. In 2011 he chose love over diving and moved to South Carolina. Despite the distance, you’ll find him with The Dive Shop Crew on open water certification weekends in Pelham and the Gulf coast. His favorite place to dive is Cozumel and just about anywhere else in the Caribbean.
Lacey McAdams
SSI Open Water Instructor
Lacey is the second in command in the Ole Miss Scuba program. You’ll find him fitting gills on the new divers every Tuesday and Thursday at the Turner Center at the university. Lacey enjoys diving every chance he gets and when he’s not diving he still has lots of fun in his party rental business, SonShine Recreation.
Jessica "Jess" Nichols
Divemaster Instructor and Freediving Instructor
Jess began her diving career in the Ole Miss Scuba program while finishing degrees in physics and biology ("Hotty Toddy!") and is currently pursuing a degree in the medical field. Her other interest include technical diving, running marathons, yoga, and spending time in the pool working on her freediving skills. Jess loves being in, on, and around water, she has a passion for sharks, loves to travel, and is always ready to try new, adventurous things. She hopes to one day dive with great white sharks in South Africa and to go diving in Antarctica. If you haven't tried freediving, she encourages you to come learn more about this challenging new endeavor. You will find a diving experience you will never forget!
Robbie Parker
Assistant Instructor
Robbie has been diving since 2003 and is an Assistant Instructor. His favorite dive sites are Cozumel, Roatan, Bonaire and wherever the next trip is headed. Robbie’s wife Frances and their two kids are also certified and family dive trips are one of the highlights of every year. To support the family’s dive habit, Robbie spends his “spare” time as a Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.
Linda Tremayne
SSI Open Water Instructor
Linda was first certified to dive in 1977 at the Dive Shop in Memphis by our founders Doug Sr. and Doug Jr. McNeese. Taking a break from her nursing career, Linda moved to Grand Cayman to work as a dive guide and instructor. For the next 4 years, Linda spent her days introducing visitors to the underwater paradise of the Cayman Islands. Today she’s back in Memphis and when not working in the medical field, cooking, or relaxing with her friends and pets, Linda can be found at the store passing along her love and excitement for Scuba.
Brian Wiley
SSI Open Water Instructor
He loves to dive anywhere! Brian’s favorites include Australia, Honduras, Mexico and local lakes and quarries. Some of his bucket list dive sites include a return trip to Oz, Truk, Honduras (all three bay islands in the same trip.. gotta do it!), The ABC islands, Philippines, Japan, Italy, Spain, South Africa, The Great Lakes, and the wrecks off the coast of the Carolinas. He enjoys working with students of all ages and all skill levels. When not engaged in diving related activities Brian likes to play guitar and make beer (and he’s really good at both)!
Hunter Winfrey
Busy Person
You can see from Hunter’s picture why he did not have time to provide us with 5 sentences about himself. In his dreams he does all kinds of stuff. Hunter is a Very Busy Fellow.

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