SS1 Titanium Safe Second BLACK

SS1 Titanium Safe Second BLACK


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Part Number:14-0101-3P Manufacturer: ATOMIC Model: [14-0101-3P] Color: Black

SS1 Titanium combines the functions of the Inflator and Octopus Regulator into a Single Unit. This Reduces-the-Overall Bulk and Weight of your Dive Gear; Eliminates-Hoses and places your Back-Up Regulator in a fixed familiar location. This time proven concept is a Convenient-and-Efficient Alternative to the Dedicated-Octopus Second Stage. Reduce your Rig by One-Hose with the High-Performance Atomic SS1. The High-Flow Low Pressure Disconnect is Interchangeable with many other Models yet smaller size and Lighter in Weight. Large Oversized and Ergonomically-Shaped Buttons are Easy-to-Find for Pneumatic or Oral Inflation/Deflation. They are Easy-to-Distinguish and Faced with Soft Tactile Rubber Surfaces. The Elliptically-Shaped Body of the SS1 Lies-Flat against the BCD keeping it Out-of-the-Way and Reducing Drag. Seat Wear is the first cause of Regulator Leaks and Performance Degradation. The Stainless Steel Dynamic Orifice is Pressure Energized and Only- Contacts the Rubber Seat when in Use Equipped with a Titanium Lever this High-Strength Metal part is the Link to your Air Supply and will Never-Fail due to Rust or Corrosion. The Integrated Purge Cover is a One-Piece Flexible Cover allows Purge of the Regulator when Depressed anywhere on the Cover Surface. The SS1 has Titanium Inflation/Deflation Stem Demand Valve Body Stainless Steel Orifice and Springs and a Titanium and 316-Grade Quick Disconnect. The Mouthpiece and Diaphragm are Silicone Rubber and the SS1 Body is manufactured from Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon. The SS1 is a Dependable Downstream Demand Valve Design. 

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